1952 Triumph 6T Thunderbird


Here is a genuine one owner bike. No, it is not in original factory condition. It is as modified by the man who street raced it in Indiana up until 1969. He brought it back with him when discharged from the service, riding it home from Georgia to Lafayette Indiana in July 1954. The bike belonged to Second class airman Raymond Eugene Talbert. He serviced radar for the airforce. He bought the bike brand new while stationed in Casa Blanca. He used to ride with a friend while away. It was a dangerous place to ride with the locals often putting wires across the road at about head high. His friend was decapitated some time in 1953. This bike was admired and always drew a large crowd when parked outside restaurants. It also attracted him a French Girlfriend. It was ridden to the races and put on the Dragstrip in the early 60's. During this period Mr. Talbert acquired the nick name "tinker." It was last ridden in 1969. It cost $600 NEW AND HAS NEVER BEEN DOWN. A very capable rider, he rode his wife Joyce around pregnant. She says that she felt very comfortable and says of her son Mark, "that's why he likes motorcycles." 13.5:1 compression with Megaphones and racing seat. Some spares and documentation are with it. Supposedly it turned low 13's at the strip. The next stage was to be twin carbs and Joe Hunt Mag. I think by this stage the bike was becoming too outdated. Incredibly cool machine with too much soul and history to convey in words. It represents a unique period and niche in American motorcycle culture. We will be doing our best at documenting the history in coming weeks. Ultimately the machine needs to go to a custodian/museum that will preserve its legacy.